Test set for Inertial Navigation System 'IKV', Model SES-3020
Test set for Directional System 'KSI', Model SES-2320
Test Equipments for Calibration of Gyro Sys., Model SES-0330
Flight Data Recorder Tester for SHARP, Model SES-0430
Flight Data Recorder U3 L Tester, Model SES-3620
Tester for Bison Auto-Pilot, Model SES-4810
Test set for AP-155 Auto Pilot, Model SES-1910
Test set for Auto Pilot SAU-23, Model SES-1420
Missile Launcher 62E Circuit Tester, Model SES-1010
PA-72 Missile Launcher Circuit Tester, Model SES-2110
Rocket Pad Tester, Model SES-0110
Turn Table For simulating A/c Conditions, Model SES-2820
Turn and Slip Indicator Turn Table, Model SES- 4410
Test Eqpt. to calibrate Engine, Model, SES-6510
Test Eqpt. to monitor Engine Performance, Model SES-0310
Test Eqpt. to calibrate RPM monitoring Sys, Model SES-2210
Transmission Ratio Controller Tester Model SES-2430
Test Set for Altitude & Airspeed Indicator Model SES- 2210
Fuel Flow Tester for MIG-21 ,Model SES-0650
Fuel Flow Tester for MIG-29, Model SES-6410
Fuel Flow Tester for TU-142, Model SES-6210
Master Calibrator For Pitot Static Components, Model SES-3410
Pitot Static Tester, Model SES-2530
Test Eqpt. for Acceleration & 'G' Load Sensor, Model SES-2020
Pitot Static Tester, Model SES-2530
Oxygen Field Tester, Model SES-2910
Clock Tester, Model SES-1620
Cabin Pressarization Tester
PPVR - 42
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